June 5, 2016 was a day of renown for Soiree Fair.  The 4th Annual Mini Indie Film Festival was a smashing success.  We’d like to thank all the participants from the filmmakers, our partnership with the Crystal Ship Filmmaker and all the folks in front of the house and behind the scenes and all the sponsors that made this event possible.

XV Exclusives really brought the house down with a luscious selection of wines.

We were honored to have had CBS News’ Wendy Gillette to present the inaugural Soiree Fair Influencer Award to our very own Sean Weil for his tremendous loyalty to us and momentous dedication to his craft as an actor.  He is requested by casting every week!

We met some superb filmmakers that we’re looking forward to adding to our literary slate and developing over the coming months.  This was a pretty kick to our literary efforts and has certainly breathed new life into that extension of the Soiree Fair business model.

We congratulate Lesley Weiss for all her work in raising funds for Camp Maranacook Arts and we look forward to continuing our partnership with her and her advocates of bringing about “life skills through the arts”.

We will be putting links in our “professional recommendations” section on our home page of the outstanding technical people who gave the Mini Indie it’s vibe, mirth, goodwill and all-around “wow” factor.

Enjoy this cool Montage of the 4th Annual Mini Indie Film Festival

Next up–THE SOIREE FAIR INFLUENCE coming soon.

Sean Weil on the Red Carpet -- Soiree Fair Influencer

Sean Weil at the 4th Annual Mini Indie Film Festival in NYC, June 2016



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