Stage Moms Of LA BootCamp

We’ve been getting a number of inquiries about the “Stage Moms Of L.A.” sign up.  To be more specific here are the FAQ:

  1.  The age minimum  to audition for “Stage Moms of L.A.” is 6 years old up to 17 years.
  2. There is no limit on the amount of youngsters in a family to sign up.  Each child requires a $20.00 Registration Fee and insert at checkout,  CODE:  SF007 FOR A GUARANTEED  AUDITION FOR EACH CHILD.
  3. ONE “Mom” or “Dad”  or “Guardian” will be interviewed with EACH child.
  4. There will be flexible dates in EARLY DECEMBER 2015 to insure that everyone who uses the checkout code:  SF007 is given an audition.  All auditions will be in New York City.
  5. If selected, the New York BootCamp will be held for 8 weeks in early 2016 running 1-2 days per week in NYC.

If you’re a ham as well as your young actor sign up today.

Check out the official site:


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