Is It Really Murphy’s Law, Really?

You can tell an actor until you’re blue, red and all the ROYGBIV colors of the rainbow to LET US KNOW WHEN YOU’RE UNAVAILABLE and inevitably they aren’t available for the Network TV auditions and the feature films.  Those are the jobs that pay to keep your business growing.  Oh, they can make the ulb films, the showcase auditions and the one-time buyouts.  Those are the jobs that keep the lights on and are needed but the work that’s put in for every rare career boosting audition ends up with the click of “talent unavailable”.  Too many apologies for clients makes us inept managers and that won’t be tolerated.

We are like a Charlie Brown cartoon trusting Lucy to hold that football steady.  The actors are swiping away our football.  Upended and sacked again.

Time to shuffle the roster up.

New Client intake Questionnaire coming soon to this website.

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