Is It Really Murphy’s Law, Really?

You can tell an actor until you’re blue, red and all the ROYGBIV colors of the rainbow to LET US KNOW WHEN YOU’RE UNAVAILABLE and inevitably they aren’t available for the Network TV auditions and the feature films.  Those are the jobs that pay to keep your business growing.  Oh, they can make the ulb films, the showcase auditions and the one-time buyouts.  Those are the jobs that keep the lights on and are needed but the work that’s put in for every rare career boosting audition ends up with the click of “talent unavailable”.  Too many apologies for clients makes us inept managers and that won’t be tolerated.

We are like a Charlie Brown cartoon trusting Lucy to hold that football steady.  The actors are swiping away our football.  Upended and sacked again.

Time to shuffle the roster up.

New Client intake Questionnaire coming soon to this website.

The Clash of the Agents and Managers at Talent Agent Sunday in Montclair on May 7th

Let’s get ready to rumble on the campus of Montclair State University.

Soiree Fair has been asked to face off against some highfalutin New York City slicker agents.  It’s going to be a showdown and a throw down.

On May 7th  at high noon, on the campus of Montclair State University, we are going to face-off with a panel of agents.  This unique event, Talent Agent Sunday In Montclair is going to be a thrilla!

Talent Agent Sunday in Montclair will be a fundraiser for the launch of Camp Maranacook Arts hosted by The Soiree Fair Influence.  NYC based Talent Agents and Personal Managers are graciously donating their time and expertise and coming together to share their knowledge on the other side of the Hudson river in one of the most diverse and artistically robust communities in the tri-state area.  Montclair has it going on.

The benefits of Talent Agent Sunday in Montclair will be two-fold.  In addition to learning more about how agents and managers work together and separately, we are offering attendees the opportunity to perform for the industry professionals and get their expert feedback on the spot.

Just kidding–it will be civil and there will be a special discussion about the requirements for child actors to book gigs in New York and what their parents need to know and understand.

The event is for ages 6-106 years old and newcomers are welcome.  Complimentary snacks too.

All tickets must be purchased in advance
Buy tickets for Talent Agent Sunday In Montclair

For further info, visit:  Talent Agent Sunday In Montclair

If any Casting Directors want to join the fray, let us know.



Soiree Fair Downstate (NJ)

Since October 2016 we’ve been developing and getting some traction with a test pilot hub of Soiree Fair, Inc. in the Atlantic County, New Jersey area and its environs.  We are now accepting photos and resumes of southern New Jersey and Philadelphia based talent only.  If you are interested, we are accepting all types from tots who can read through seniors.

We have already gotten some referrals from the downstate office to our greater NY area office of talent that is flexible to travel to NYC for auditions.

Email your photo and resume to:

Thanks For the Holidays And The Memories

It’s been an enlightening year here in 2016 to say the least.  Time to reflect, relax and reset.  Thanks to all for the good, the bad and the ugly but a toast to the successes to carry over into 2017.

Smooches to all!

Looking optimistically into the future for us all. Go Team!

Soiree Fair Downstate (NJ)

Soiree Fair is seeking new fresh and experienced talent for a new expansion base division to serve talent in the southern New Jersey and Philadelphia, PA area.  All ages, all ethnic types considered.  Soiree Fair Downstate projects:  TV/Film, Theater, Actor/Musicians, Commercial, Print,  QVC hosts willing to relocate, Promotional Ambassadors for live exhibitions and all-around triple threat performers for all mediums.

Email headshots (jpeg) and resumes (.doc(x), .pdf) or Actors Access links to:

The Lofty Goals

An insider tidbit to share about Soiree Fair is this–

Every month we shoot for a certain goal to attain in commissions and then we decide how we wil allocate those funds to best serve the business.  We started out shooting for a new Lamborghini and then a new Corvette but now we’d settle for a couple of kayaks.

Grabbing At Straws

Part of the of the vicissitudes of this business is that sometimes clients just plain don’t work out.  It is not due to a lack of trying on the parts of both parties.  An unexplained circumstance can grip a client on your roster that prevents them from getting their fair share of auditions.  It could be a conflict with another client, or their type is just saturated at the moment.  Generally, you try and tough it out with that client.  The client has to understand that your show of loyalty and faith in their talents comes from the passion you have within for that client and what brought you into becoming a talent representative.

The client always has the upper hand to move on if nothin’ is shakin’.  Every client is a gamble.  You win some and you lose some.

What can make the stomach of the company churn is when a client gets a modicum of a string of auditions without any callbacks.  Then it can get ugly.  The client suggests other talents you may be interested in or suggest other clients all for the sake of trying to maintain their value to the company.

The worst is when an actor can’t book any acting work and then suddenly they want to be represented for literary as a writer, or director, etc.

This can be infuriating because a huge amount of time and resources has been devoted to that client as an actor and to devote even more time and another set of resources to them as a writer is an obtuse way of hanging on.

To add insult to injury, when you’re freelancing with a client that is difficult to book, in the hopes of them booking work to justify signing, if and when they do book through their own efforts (or so they think) they only share their excitement with you.  Their excitement doesn’t keep the lights on.  This is a business of commissions.  If you don’t want to pay commissions just hit the bricks.


Now is the time.  The Soiree Fair Influence is out in the open and taking on members.

The kick-off of The Soiree Fair Influence was last month in June when the inaugural Soiree Fair Influencer Award was given to our most prolific client, Sean Weil (“Liam” of “Boardwalk Empire”).  Here’s a clip of the infamous character that almost makes it dangerous for Mr. Weil to walk the street of New York much less Atlantic City.

Our meetups will be structured to inform, inspire and gather together to meet, greet and vent all in the name of artistic creativity.

Our first meetup is slated for mid-September and will center on playwrights.

But first you must join The Soiree Fair Influence Literary & Talent With…Meetup

Click to Join the Soiree Influence Literary & Talent Meetup in New York City

Click to Join the Soiree Influence Literary & Talent Meetup in New York City


Our first meetup is slated for mid-September 2016 in New York City.  For this session we will concentrate on playwrights reading their own words aloud.

More on the “with” coming up courtesy of our sponsors.

If you are interested in co-sponsoring a Soiree Fair Influence Meetup with your special brand, reach out to us.

For all Soiree Fair Literary & Talent With…Meetups, proceeds in part will benefit Camp Maranacook Arts.


June 5, 2016 was a day of renown for Soiree Fair.  The 4th Annual Mini Indie Film Festival was a smashing success.  We’d like to thank all the participants from the filmmakers, our partnership with the Crystal Ship Filmmaker and all the folks in front of the house and behind the scenes and all the sponsors that made this event possible.

XV Exclusives really brought the house down with a luscious selection of wines.

We were honored to have had CBS News’ Wendy Gillette to present the inaugural Soiree Fair Influencer Award to our very own Sean Weil for his tremendous loyalty to us and momentous dedication to his craft as an actor.  He is requested by casting every week!

We met some superb filmmakers that we’re looking forward to adding to our literary slate and developing over the coming months.  This was a pretty kick to our literary efforts and has certainly breathed new life into that extension of the Soiree Fair business model.

We congratulate Lesley Weiss for all her work in raising funds for Camp Maranacook Arts and we look forward to continuing our partnership with her and her advocates of bringing about “life skills through the arts”.

We will be putting links in our “professional recommendations” section on our home page of the outstanding technical people who gave the Mini Indie it’s vibe, mirth, goodwill and all-around “wow” factor.

Enjoy this cool Montage of the 4th Annual Mini Indie Film Festival

Next up–THE SOIREE FAIR INFLUENCE coming soon.

Sean Weil on the Red Carpet -- Soiree Fair Influencer

Sean Weil at the 4th Annual Mini Indie Film Festival in NYC, June 2016




In honor of Friday the 13th coming up this week we have a special discount code for General Admission to the 4th Annual Mini Indie Film Festival on Sunday, June 5th in NYC!


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